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Easiest and healthiest way to lose weight quick

Unlock your full potential with intermittent fasting. Set your goals and we’ll provide fast, easy and safe guidance through your weight loss journey.
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Individually tailored fasting plan with everything you need in one app

It can be intimidating to start fasting without prior knowledge or guidance. We are here to help.

All the tools you’ll need and journey you can easily follow

We will help you pick the best fasting schedule based on your lifestyle and health

Get over 500+ healthy and delicious recipes based on your dietary restrictions and preferences

Start, track and stop your fasting periods directly from your fasting app

Find out new tips and tricks to make your journey even more successful and efficient

A certified nutrition consultant dedicated to help you and available through chat

Effects of intermittent fasting

Discover the many benefits of this diet and improve your health, energy and mood

Improves your metabolism for faster fat loss

Protects against neurodegenerative diseases

Drops insulin levels and increases human growth hormone

Lowers blood sugar levels

Reduces inflammation in the body

Reduces risk of heart diseases

Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels


Fasting timeline

As a result of fasting you can combat major problems in your life. It’s not just weight loss.

As you can see, fasting does not only boost fat burn and metabolism. It rejuvenates your body, mind and skin, improves sleep and energy levels throughout the day. It is truly a game changer.


Poor sleep

High stress

Brain fog


Don’t postpone your health and happiness

We know it’s hard to start new habits and embrace the challenge. Start today with one easy step and get ahead now! Complete our short quiz and find out what’s the best fasting plan for you.


Elina B.

Certified nutritionist


Anna A.

Certified nutritionist

About us

CertifiedFasting is striving to ensure the fastest and safest weight loss that is individually tailored to each of our customers. We believe that a healthy lifestyle should not be a luxury and work everyday to make the tools needed for a happy and healthy life accessible to everyone.

Our individually catered weight loss plans are carefully created and fully patented
The weight loss plans are prepared by consulting certified nutritionists and trainers
CertifiedFasting is a medical institution registered in the European Union
93% of ur customers have recommended us to their friends

CertifiedFasting success stories

Join 300K+ people who lost weight and gained healthy habits with the help of our plan



203 lbs



150 lbs

Andrea K.

Orlando, FL

Lost 53lbs

“All the products included in Weight Loss are affordable for anyone. I can say for sure that, compared to the weight loss methods I’ve tried before, it was really easy to follow the meal plan. I'm happy that I finally lost the excess lbs!”
Intermittent fasting was covered in

You have the power to improve your health. And we are here to help you.

Starting the journey is a huge step. Staying on track is the hardest part. With CertifiedFasting app you will have all things necessary to make sure you do.

Stay on track with your own personal assistant

Get daily guidance that’s great for beginners and pros

Daily meal recipes to choose from

Track your progress and enjoy the results every week

Elina B.

Lead Certified Nutritionist at CertifiedFasting

Remember, small daily actions can lead to significant changes over time. You've got this!

We are ready to boost your health improvement and weight loss journey

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