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Why do people follow intermittent fasting?

Unlocking the power of intermittent fasting. Why do people fast? Beyond a trend, fasting taps into incredible health benefits. From fat burning to improved mental clarity.

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  1. Fat burning: fasting triggers ketosis, encouraging your body to burn stored fat for energy. Say hello to a more efficient fat-burning machine.

  2. Metabolic makeover: by giving your digestive system a break during fasting periods, you enhance metabolic flexibility, promoting a healthier, more responsive metabolism.

  3. Cellular renewal: autophagy, the cellular cleanup process, kicks into high gear during fasting, helping your body discard damaged cells and regenerate new. vibrant ones.

  4. Blood sugar control: fasting can improve insulin sensitivity, helping regulate blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of insulin resistance.

  5. Mental clarity& focus: experience a cognitive boost as fasting supports the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, promoting mental clarity and focus.

Ready to embrace the incredible why’s of intermittent fasting? Share your fasting journey below!

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