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Why protein is important?

If you are into intermittent fasting, you already know it is a game-changer for your health. But do you know why protein plays a pivotal role in this journey?

a plate with fish dish

  1. Metabolic magic: Protein boosts your metabolism, helping you burn fat more, efficiently during your fasting window. It is like your secret weapon against those extra pounds.

  2. Muscle saver: Maintaining lean muscle is crucial, and protein is your best friend here. It preserves muscle mass while you fast, so you can look and feel strong.

  3. Mental clarity: Protein-rich foods are brain food too! They help keep your cognitive functions sharp during fasting hours.

  4. Satiety superstar: Feeling full and satisfied? Thank protein for that. It curbs those hunger pangs and keeps you energised.

So make sure to include protein sources like lean meats, fish, eggs, -based options in your eating window. Your intermittent fasting journey just got a whole lot more delicious!

Remember, balance is key.

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